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New (training) Year… Same old me

So every year in January people come up with New Year's resolutions... and usually don't follow through with them...Β that's me :/ I was thinking to write and post this blog in January and look where we are now?! It's May... Continue Reading →


Oh Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

After a short week home in Wisconsin with the family, cousins, babies and a few friends I traveled north to Canada. Specifically, Canmore, Alberta. I need to share one photo of my amazing family before I get going on this... Continue Reading →


Australia I think the best way to describe our trip to Australia is though pictures and videos. Please enjoy!!   Check out this video from our team too! You can learn some Australian!Β Oh yeah! Fasterskier Β wrote up a nice... Continue Reading →

New is the News

Catching Up!

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